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--the sexual-erotic fine-art films, music, writing and photography of R.C. Hörsch.


 "Every image is unpredictable: the humorous followed by the grotesque; the poetic followed by sarcasm. Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and even bestial themes presented in chaotic juxtaposition. Masterful, richly tonal technique followed by jarring minimalism... Touring his exhibition is like running a gauntlet, a constant barrage of sexual seduction and assault..."

--(London) Photo Review





By Thomas Roche

R. C. Hörsch’s work ranges across the erotic spectrum; in fact, he takes great pleasure in observing the place where so-called art becomes so-called trash or porn in the estimation of viewers. He revels in political un-correctness and pushes the envelope in every direction. Most of all, he further confuses the already ambiguous boundary between sexual depictions and art and, in doing so, forces a confrontation between the viewer and his work. In short, he makes us think.

However, this creates a problem for him. He is impossible to fully categorize and so fits no genre.

His agent and publisher, Stanley Stokowski, observes that “If pornography can be defined as images or prose designed for arousal, then much of his work is clearly not pornographic in the sense that, hopefully, few people are sexually aroused by images of violence, dead bodies and grotesquely wasted heroin addicts. But, on the other hand, the fact that his images are very often sexually graphic in the extreme makes them unsuitable to the "legitimate" art world.

The end result is that much of Hörsch’s work has no venue; it is rejected as both pornography and art.

Meanwhile, Hörsch’s stated quest “to capture his subject's raw, unadorned essence,” insures that even his most disturbing images have an almost poetic erotic rawness.



Almost all of R.C. Hörsch's work deals with sexuality and ranges from the quietly poetic to the profoundly explicit and very, very disturbing. If you are not of legal majority or feel that you may be offended in any way by the content of this site, please simply do not enter!